The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing -- Edmund Burke

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About Us

A voice of truth and reason, promoting conservative patriotism


America’s Voices is a new conservative, Internet-based, grassroots-driven, educational and informational organization founded in May 2001. 

The group intends to become a key player with other citizen initiatives and campaigns that are dedicated to taking America back from those attempting to undermine and destroy its Constitutional, moral and social heritage. It intends to provide a variety of online resources to inform American citizens about their country’s historical origins and the many on-going threats to their liberties.

In addition to information about American history, its website,, provides a platform for ordinary citizens –  new millenials, genXers, Baby Boomers, Greatest Generation members - to express and expand their conservative views, dialogue with like-minded readers, stay informed about news stories censored or distorted by the mainstream media, and actively engage in political exchange and action.

The organization believes there is much public education to be done before the 2002 election campaigns begin to ensure conservative victories. They see the Radical Left’s opposition in Congress and their sympathizers in the mainstream media and public educational institutions – groups that are well organized and skilled in the tactics of disruption and disinformation – actively and relentlessly moving against the new Republican Administration’s policies, personnel, and agenda; indeed, against anything related to restoring and promoting America’s conservative traditions.

America’s Voices is providing this new, online forum specifically to counter the Radical Left's propaganda and to promote the conservative patriotism in which its members believe and on which they believe the country's future depends.

Features of the website include:

  • Daily columnists – exclusive to America's Voices – offering penetrating analysis of the key constitutional, political, social, cultural and moral issues of the day.

  • Guest commentators – allowing citizens to contribute views on areas of concern and interest to them on the public stage.

  • The Editor’s Mailbag – sharing reader’s feedback, both praise and pans.

  • Action Alerts – highlighting opportunities for political action.

  • Discussion Forums – allowing interactive exchanges among the AV team and other readers.

  • America's Voices University – publishing educational essays and articles by conservative scholars, educators and commentators to ensure people are accurately informed about Constitutional of the day issues and well-grounded in America's history and founding documents.

Through its online educational and interactive forums, America's Voices will facilitate effective and patriotic politics and civic responsibility.


We believe . . .

  • In limited government, states rights, free enterprise, and individual liberty;

  • In the principles established and handed down by the Founding Fathers through the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, the Federalist Papers, and the Bill of Rights; and that careful adherence to those principles will ensure that they will be reflected in our national life and institutions.


  • That the rights of citizens are innate and not derived from government, but rather that government derives its existence from the people;

  • In the constitutional republican 1,2 form of government, handed down to us by our Founders;

  • In an effective, dynamic and small Federal government, whose limited responsibilities are stated in the Constitution and address only those things that require a unified national activity;

  • That responsibility for day-to-day government belongs to the individual, to the sovereign states and their local communities;

  • In the separation of powers between three branches of government, as outlined in the Constitution;

  • That the role of the Judicial branch, through its courts and their officers, is to interpret the Constitution as written and originally intended by the Founding Fathers, rather than to usurp it by individual, activist jurors who promulgate interpretations intended to circumvent the Legislative branch;

  • That government should protect the self determination and personal liberty of its citizens;

  • That the family, minimally comprised of a father, mother and biological or adopted children, is the primary social structure through which moral and cultural values are taught to current and succeeding generations; and that government’s role is to reinforce rather than usurp that role;

  • That America’s continued development as a free and sovereign state is best achieved through entrepreneurial capitalism and a strong, civilian led military;

  • That America’s place in the world is best secured as a free and autonomous, sovereign, nation;

  • That redistribution of wealth through government coercion is antithetical to the principles upon which the American republic was founded;

  • That it is an obligation of American citizenship to be politically expressive on issues that affect our culture, at all levels of national life: community, state and national.

1. United States Constitution - ARTICLE IV.  Section 4.  "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a republican form of government"

2. Peterman, Alex L. Elements of Civil Government.  1891;

"All power is inherent in the people; governments exist for their good and by their consent; all freemen are equal; no title or nobility shall be conferred; exclusive privileges shall not be granted except in consideration of public service; all public elections are free and equal."


America’s Voices goals are related to, and based upon, Constitutional precepts and principles. We will provide a forum for conservative Americans to express their opinions. We will inform and educate the American public about existing or proposed government regulations, laws, policies and initiatives that currently, or may potentially, abuse or undermine, or conversely, strengthen and reinforce, the U.S. Constitution. We will provide resources to assist citizens in actively working to change such abuses and protect their rights. By providing educational and journalistic information, petitions, form letters, and contact sources, we will:

For Limited Government

  • Support initiatives to reduce excessive taxation (income tax, payroll tax, estate tax, and luxury tax);

  • Support efforts to reduce over-regulation and intrusion by government agencies that usurp Congressional responsibilities, or act extra-Constitutionally;

  • Expose activist judges who legislate from the bench and who encourage excessive use of the courts to regulate where Congress has chosen not to;

  • Oppose all efforts to increase government intrusion into private citizens personal and private affairs;

  • Oppose all efforts to limit the free speech rights of individual citizens and political advocacy organizations;

  • Oppose all efforts to limit the 2nd Amendment rights of citizens;

  • Oppose all efforts by the federal government and the states to allow schools to dispense mind-altering drugs and sexual aids to children, or have children evaluated by mental health workers without parental notification or knowledge.

For States Rights

  • Support initiatives to make the Partial Birth Abortion procedure illegal;

  • Support initiatives to return the issue of abortion to its proper state jurisdiction;

  • Oppose efforts by the States and local communities to limit the 2nd Amendment rights of citizens with unconstitutional weapons bans and burdensome licensing regulations;

  • Support the roll-back/reversal of recent land takings for national monument purposes;

  • Oppose further federalization of public lands into national monuments without due process or opportunity for states and property owners to comment or object; and to receive just compensation for all property taken by eminent domain.

For Individual Liberty

  • Support the right of parents to home school their children without interference by local, state or Federal governments; and the right of parents to raise their children according to their own moral code, without interference; and to object to or resist social engineering programs in public school curricula that do not provide basic, traditional academics;

  • Oppose selective discrimination in any form, particularly in employment or admission quotas, and affirmative action programs favoring one racially, ethnically, or gender-identified group over another;

  • Oppose discrimination on the basis of religious beliefs (1st amendment), and excessive regulation of faith-based ministries; allowing imposition of the homosexual agenda and non-abstinence-based sex education in public schools without an ‘opt out’ policy for parents; requiring landlords to rent to individuals whose lifestyles are at odds with their religious convictions; suing parents for child abuse who use corporal discipline;

  • Oppose discrimination on the basis of religious beliefs; excessive regulation of faith based ministries; allowing imposition of the homosexual agenda and non-abstinence-based sex education in public schools without an "opt out" policy for parents; requiring landlords to rent to individuals whose lifestyles are at odds with their religious convictions; suing parents for child abuse who use corporal discipline with their children; and not allowing parental notification when a minor girl requests an abortion.

  • Oppose efforts to limit political speech; the destruction of conservative campus newspapers; and the failure by universities and colleges to allow conservative speakers on campuses or by allowing them to be shouted down.

  • Oppose citizen disarmament and gun control by requiring gun registration by law-abiding citizens; subjective and selective application of gun permitting by local officials; non-passage of concealed carry laws or non-recognition between states of license-to-carry permits; onerous government regulations intended to drive small dealers out of business thereby denying citizens the ability to purchase weapons for self-defense.

  • Oppose confiscation of private and commercial property through eminent domain without appropriate market-value based compensation in violation of the 5th amendment.

For Free Enterprise

  • Oppose all policies and efforts by the Congress and political advocacy groups to subordinate the United States’ financial, economic and military structures, institutions and policies to globalist/one-world influences and control.

  • Oppose all efforts by the Congress and political advocacy groups to further undermine our capitalist, free enterprise system through socialist programs and policies.

  • Oppose intrusion by government agencies that usurp Congressional responsibilities, or act extra-Constitutionally.


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Election 2002

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