The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing -- Edmund Burke

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The Shame of America

Part 6

Michael A. Wallace      

June 18, 2001

Moral Law Has Precedence

The "protection" of law to an activity is not without standards of accountability, otherwise, any law would acquire a life of its own, justifying itself simply because it exists.  Laws are made by man to serve all society, not just certain segments of society.  Mankind is guided by more than the laws it creates to govern itself.  Moral law supercedes legislative law.  God’s laws are inviolate and not subject to man’s discretionary interpretation.

Liberals fear restriction, both in legislative law and even in the observance of moral law.  It is utter foolishness to believe moral law is subservient to legislative law.  The latter exists because of the former.  Unless one derives laws from a higher plane of actions deemed to be morally right, then legislation becomes the actions of the powerful to exploit, deny, disenfranchise and destroy the weak.  Without morality, there is only power – what one can get away with.

Even if individuals do not believe moral law exists, they have no Constitutional right to impose their belief of its absence on others who do believe moral law exists.  Yet this is precisely the behavior we see today.  Pro-abortionists must defend behavior, which to otherwise deny, would compel them to face the consequences of their evil behavior.

The real shame is there are "religious" folks who defy the teachings and doctrine of their faith on the issue of abortion.  It is a curious position.  Could it be they are defending a practice that they have been victims of, in order not to confront its moral tragedy and their own sin – sin which can be forgiven and which they may repent?  Or can it be they stand on an irrational principle and truly think abortion is an "individual" decision, between that person and God, totally unaffecting society?  In both cases, resisting in sin or resisting in principle, they will surely answer to God in heaven like all of us; but in the meantime, they live in a society on earth that cannot condone killing of its citizens-to-be.

The Role of the Church

Individuals with conscience in America are struggling with the moral implications of abortion while their church leaders shamefully dance around the issue.  The effect in almost all cases is church leaders do not explicitly enjoin their members to vote against candidates who favor and promote abortion.  Instead, they might go so far to remind their flock that abortion is wrong – stopping just short however of calling abortion a sin and those who condone and further it, sinful.

The probable reason for this equivocation is fear.  Fear of losing tax-exempt status.  Fear of upsetting church members whose contributions fund "the Lord’s work".  Fear of being accused of climbing the wall of separation of Church and State.  The fear of losing tax-exempt status is emasculating the moral position of the Church and stifling its voice in the matter of abortion.  The fear of upsetting church members is corroding their confidence in Church leadership to do what is right, no matter the price.

Here is a representative example.  The Arlington Catholic Herald’s edition of November 2, 2000 allowed the presidential candidates to advance their views, without Church endorsement for either.  The reason could likely be these fears.  The author wrote the editor and the Bishop on November 11, 2000 and expressed the view that it was wrong to allow Mr. Gore to challenge the moral stand of the Church with respect to abortion, and, "Evil is not fought by allowing evil to defend itself."

Fear of government is overcoming faith in God.  The Church leadership needs to heed Psalm 27, the first half of which proclaims:

"The Lord is my light and my salvation;

whom should I fear?

The Lord is my life’s refuge;

of whom should I be afraid?

When evildoers come at me

to devour my flesh,

My foes and my enemies

themselves stumble and fall.

Though an army encamp against me,

my heart will not fear;

Though war be waged upon me,

even then will I trust."

Personal Responsibility

The simplest way to end abortion for convenience is to simply not become pregnant in the first place.  Ahhhhh… the great discriminator of character - personal responsibility!  Once a woman becomes pregnant, the parties involved must accept full responsibility for the creation and protection of human life.  We cannot use unjust law to cover irresponsibility and bless personal moral defect.  We cannot impose an unjust solution on just people and innocent lives.  There is absolutely no right to do that.  Because people seem not to be able to exercise personal responsibility with their "free choice", we should control behavior that threatens others, not condone it.

Proposed Abortion Policy

The court cases arguing for the establishment of "legalized" abortion in this country were fraudulently presented and factually in error.  Every subsequent decision protecting and enhancing the "right" to abortion is thus tainted and illegal.  For this reason, on a legal basis alone, no compromise is warranted in many areas concerning abortion.  I propose the following as the core of abortion policy:

  • No federal or state government support for abortion through taxation or sanction

  • No federal funds provided to abortion providers overseas

  • Immediate cessation of abortion for convenience

  • Immediate cessation of partial birth abortions

  • Permanent ban on RU-486 and any drug of similar effect

  • Medically-indicated abortions involving life of the mother and fetal birth defects rigorously monitored

  • Government assistance for parents bringing to term a child with serious defect

  • Severe penalties for purveyors of illegal abortion (registered health care providers or otherwise) – penalty for first degree murder

  • Enhanced adoption placement services for babies coupled with enhanced tax incentives for people to adopt

  • If a woman obtains an abortion by falsely claiming to be a victim rape or incest, she should be imprisoned and provided counseling.  A second offense shall draw life imprisonment. (Sorry, no conjugal visits.)

  • The State should regulate medical procedures for its citizens

Alarmists will say that a woman wanting an abortion (for convenience) will be forced to leave the country to obtain one.  Fine!  This Nation should not be party to her crime.  Doctors and pharmaceutical companies who generate large income from abortion and its aftermath will decry their loss of income.  Fine!  Move overseas or risk imprisonment or worse.  Alarmists will say abortions will be done in back alleys and performed by incompetent doctors, or even performed by women themselves.  The retort is harsh, I admit, and it will offend some people.  When the policy adopted in this nation rules out abortion for convenience, and the woman takes the step to have an abortion performed in such a manner for convenience, then no tears should be shed for her danger, resulting pain, or death.  One life will be lost – an innocent one.  Or two lives will be lost – one innocent, one not.  I care about the innocent life.


Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton are the epitome of flawed jurisprudence from the highest court in the land.  The case material leading to their decisions was fraudulent and the Court’s decisions were therefore flawed, as has been every supporting decision since.  Good does not arise from evil.

Abortion has divisive impact on our society with little to no ground existing for compromise.  Abortion in the vast majority of cases is simply murder for convenience.  Calling it something else doesn’t change its essence.

Free will, "free choice", and individual conscience – the three legs of the pro-abortionist’s philosophical stool – can be noble conditions or traits of the human spirit when applied with integrity.  Each however, when analyzed against the pro-abortionist’s agenda and true beliefs, loses luster and balance very quickly.  There are no legs to the pro-abortionist’s philosophical stool.  The abortion "rights" argument is logically, philosophically and morally bankrupt.

The Government’s role has made innocent people victims and perpetuates disharmony, violating the very purpose of government.  Moral law transcends legislative law because moral law binds together the community of man and is the ultimate regulator of their behavior.  Ultimately, moral law will be upheld.

If this Republic does not reaffirm the sanctity of human life and move to protect it, this Republic shall lack legitimate claim of influence over its citizens nor shall it have expectation of their loyalty.  This Republic can likewise make no claim on the benevolent protection of our Creator, and will deserve ruination.

We return to the original question.  What then shall we call the war against our unborn, with 40 million killed so far?  World War II, fought by decent Americans for noble reasons, is aptly named "The Good War".  The war against our unborn, waged by indecent Americans who are protected by bogus "law" and a spineless Government, dishonor America and bring us shame.  Abortion is the shame of America.

Abortion is the Hypocrite’s War.

Just something to consider.  Have a glorious day’s worth of freedom!



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Michael A. Wallace is a registered Republican, a former Eagle Scout, a Lifetime Member of the National Rifle Association, a strong believer in Second Amendment rights, a retired Marine officer, and a pro-life advocate –- all things liberals seem to dislike.  In addition to his affiliation with America's Voices, Mike is a founding member of ConservaVets, a conservative veteran's organization (which has since become Rally4America).  Mike uses thorough constitutional and historical research to analyze and explain key moral and political issues of the day.  He particularly enjoys debunking the myths and lies perpetrated by the many liberal groups who claim to speak for most Americans and by those who misrepresent Constitutional principles to further their own agendas.  E-mail Mike at


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